Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Pictures

Here is a family picture. I don't have a disc yet so the picture is teeny tiny from our proofs. They turned out Really cute though. If you go to the webiste click on Langford and the password is just my name, you have to capitalize the K in Kristy, you can see them all. Savannah's pictures turned out so cute so if you have time check them out.


Oregon is the most beautiful place. We spent a few days there last week and had a marvalous time. Dan had a friend getting married in Portland so that was our excuse to take a little vacation. We left Savannah with Grandma and Grandpa Garner so even though we missed her it was nice being kid free for the first time in almost a year.
The portland temple was beautiful. We also visited the Tillamook cheese Factory and drove out to the coast. The day before we left we drove up to Astoria which is a fun place, the streets reminded me of San Fransico. It was hill after hill after hill. Then we crossed a long bridge over the river into Washinton and visited some light houses. Very very neat.
All and all it was a great trip. We of course forgot to take our camera so no pictures.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More cute Halloween pictures!! This is my cute nephew Alex with Savannah.

I've been tagged by my sister in-law so lets see how this goes.
Top 3 vacations:
1. Family trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios when I was in high school.
2. Honeymoon in Oahu Hawaii
3. Dan and I went to Kauai Hawaii this last summer with my parents and brothers. It was a blast.
Top 3 favorite flowers:
1. Daises
2. Roses
3. Orchids
Top 3 favorite comfort foods:
1. Cinnamon Rolls
2. Pasta
3. Meat and potatoes
Top 3 places to shop:
1. Barnes and Noble
2. Smiths
3. Wal-mart
Top 3 opinions about Halloween
1. It is more fun now that I have a kid.
2. Too much candy
3. I love pumpkins
Top 3 opinions about Thanksgiving:
1. It should come more than once a year.
2. I love turkey
3. It should come more than once a year.
(Did I already say that)

Top 3 opinions about Christmas:
1. I love Christmas
2. I love Christmas lights
3. I hate Christmas Carole's. Please do not come caroling at my house.
Top 3 things I look forward to during the week:
1. Wednesday, it's my day off.
2. Friday, it's my other day off.
3. Saturday, it's Dan's day off.
Top three things Happening this week:
1. I have absolutely no plans!!
I am supposed to tag to other people so I'll tag my sister-in law Kim and my friend Katie.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

What a fun Halloween!! Savannah was an adorable little bumble bee and she was so good about wearing her costume all day. She did not try to pull it off once. Dan was out of town so it was sad to not have him there but we tried to make the most of it. Savannah had so much fun tick or treating with her cousins, Jackson and Alex, and just laughed and laughed at all the kids in there costumes. She is such a social little girl.